Junior Livestock show results for Wylie ISD students

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Below are results for students from Wylie High School and Wylie East High School students in the 2021 Collin County Junior Livestock Show:



Taylor Dent: sixth, Black OPB

Morgan Podlucky: sixth, Black OPB

Madison Noble: fourth, Black OPB

Kolt Wallis: fourth, Duroc

Haden Sherman: sixth, Cross

Vance Flick: third, Cross

Presleigh Lamas: fourth, Cross

Everest Bolling: third, Cross

Meredith Hargrove: sixth, Black OPB

Kaiden Wallis, Scott Trevino, Zoe Summers, Daphnee Schlittler and Jake Podlucky also exhibited their pigs.


Hallie DuPlessis – third

Jake Podlucky – Three firsts, two seconds and a third, Best of Breed, Best of Opposite and Best in Show Holland Lop

Morgan Podlucky – First, second, two thirds, one fifth, three eights and a 12th.

Zoey Serapin – Three first, two seconds and a third, Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Mini Lops 

Audrey Tebow – Eighth

Eryn Copeland – First

Cash Welch – Second

Mimi Erwin – First, Best of Opposite Mini Rex

Taylor Dent – Two firsts and three seconds


Grace Marcantel: Second Place

Drew Erickson: First Place

Bailey Harris: Second Place

Ava Coull: Two firsts and Reserve Heavy Weight Division Champion

Mimi Erwin (Junior FFA): Third Place

Senior Showmanship (Top 6): Drew Erickson

Junior Showmanship Champion Showman: Mimi Erwin


Scott Trevino: Third Place Southdown

Garrett Strong: 14th Place Medium Wool

Zoey Serapin: Fourth Place Medium Wool and Fourth Place Medium Wool

Blake Payne (Junior FFA): Fifth Place Medium Wool

Riley Youngers: Sixth Place Medium Wool

Kaia Beaumont: 10th Place Medium Wool

Shelby Smercina: Third Place Medium Wool

Daphnee Schittler: Sixth Place Medium Wool

Piper Alexander: Eighth Place Medium Wool

Zachary Henderson: 11th Place Medium Wool

Jaleigh Carter: Fourth Place Medium Wool

Top 12 Senior Showman: Jaleigh Carter, Addi Helms, Zoey Serapin (Top 4) and Shelby Smercina


Grace Mercantil: Seventh place cross steer


Amanda Turk: Reserve Grand Champion

Riley Youngers: 16th place, made the sale

Brianna Hunt: 20th place



Stone Warren (Junior FFA): Second Place Finewool Cross

Amberlyn Warren: Third Place Finewool Cross

Rylie Reed: Eighth Place Medium Wool

Sophia Osborne: 12th Place Medium Wool

Hannah Reagan: Second Place Medium Wool and Third Place Medium Wool

Addi Helms: Fifth Place Medium Wool and Seventh Place Medium Wool

Isabel McKay (Jr. FFA): Fifth Place Medium Wool and Third Place Medium Wool

Leah Morgan: Ninth Place Medium Wool

Top 12 Junior Showman: Isabel McKay


Raelyn Driskell: Fifth Place

Ty Driskell: First Place

Avery Fisher (Junior FFA): Third Place, First Place, Light Weight Division Champion and Reserve Overall Goat

Brooke Blythe: Two fourth places

Peyton White: Third

Cash Welch (Junior FFA): First

Addisyn Helms: Fifth Place Medium Wool and made sale

Amberlyn Warren: Third Place Southdown Sheep

Hannah Reagan: Second Place and Third Place Place Medium Wool and made sale

Rylie Reed: Sixth Place Medium Wool

Participants: Leah Morgan and Sophia Osborne

Junior Showmanship Reserve Champion Showman: Juliet Salazar


Myra Wied – First, Best of Breed English Spot, and Third, French Lop and Best of Breed

Jakob Dugas – First, Best of Breed Lilac

Rylie Reed – First, Mini Rex Best of Breed

Cash Welch – Second Place Mini Rex

Taylor Dent – First and Second French Lop

Junior Members sheep and goat

Sheep and Goat

Avery Fisher – Third Place Goat and First Place Goat and Grand Champion Lightweight Goat and Reserve Grand Champion overall and made sale

Cash Welch – First Place Goat and made sale

Isabel McKay – Second Place Goat and Third Place Medium Wool Sheep and Fifth Place Medium Wool and made sale

Juliet Salazar – Reserve Grand Champion Junior Showmanship

Raelyn Driskell – Fifth Place Goat

Stone Warren – Second Place Fine Wool Cross Sheep and made sale


Alison Stroup – Fourth Place Hampshire and made sale

Allen Morris – Fourth Place Hampshire, Third Place Cross and made sale

Amberlyn Warren – Fourth Place Cross and made sale

Kaci Nelms – Fifth Place Duroc

Mark Moslener – Fourth Place Cross

Ryan Hancock – Fifth Place Duroc

Participants: Ashlan Shackelford, Alex Bohanan,  Ethan Hancock, Frank Moslener, Henry Moslener and Jeanette Fronterhouse.

Junior Members Swine

Participants: Blake Blythe, Brett Blythe, Elyssa Lopez and Stone Warren.

Makenzie Vacante – Sixth Place Cross Pig

Seth Otten – Third place hamp


Alex Bohanan- 15th Place and made sale


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